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Shoreway Plumbing is here to serve you. Below is a list of our Services Offered and Repairs & Replacements. Don't forget to check out Testimonials by clicking the Yelp button below! 


01 - Service Offered

Tank/Tankless Water Heaters & Heat Pump W/H

03 - Repair & Replacement

Bathroom Toilet & Sinks

05 - Service Offered 

Complete Drain Cleaning

02 - Service Offered

Hydro Jetting

04 - Repair & Replacement

Sewer Lines

06 - Repair & Replacement

Gas lines

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bathroom toitlet 2 .jpeg

Other Services 

Below are more Services Offered and Repairs & Replacements

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Services Offered: 

Repairs & Replacements:

  • Trenchless Water Repairs

  • Gray Water Recycling

  • Copper re-pipes

  • Line locate & Video Inspection 

  • Horizontal Boring 

  • Conventional cable & Hydro Jetting (up to 6in)

  • Water Heaters

  • Disposal 

  • Kitchen faucets 

  • Shower Valves 

  • Main shut-off valve 

  • Hose bibs 

  • Water Maines


I had Shoreway Plumbing upgrade all the pipes in my duplex to copper pipes. They did an excellent job. They also replaced my water heater. 
I highly recommend Shoreway Plumbing for large plumbing jobs!

Huang P. 

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